Sunday, June 2, 2013

Baby Car Seat Update!

I forgot to share the updated pic of the car-seat installation in our car.
Here's the original post:
And here's the car-seat in our car! Here in Australia you have to get it professionally installed & are not allowed to do it yourself. They actually install a metal piece in your car to attach it.. so that it will not move no matter what.. if God forbid, there were to be some type of accident of some sort. So anyway, it took a while but it's finally done.

Just thought I'd share a pic of it....

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Kiara's Stroller & Diaper Bag

 (ABOVE PIC): This was a free hand-me-down given to us by David's generous cousin Jim 
& his wife Kathrine! It was such a blessing to receive & it's so sturdy! Can't wait to use it!

 I found a nice diaper bag at a place here in Australia called, "Baby Buntings". It took me a while to decide. But I finally chose this one. It came with tons of pockets & some insulated ones too for bottles or whatever... It also came Padded changing station, a zippered wipes case & an insulated zippered bottle bag.  AND it matches our stroller/pram! yaay!

Monday, May 13, 2013

"Precious Moments" theme for Kiara's Room

"Precious Moments!" 
I just wanted to share some of my ideas that I had with the gifts I received from the baby shower.. and a few things I have premeditated to purchase eventually too.. Lord willing! hee-hee! 

(ABOVE PIC): The photo on the left was one I found online that I thought had GREAT ideas for color. Although, if I did anything similar to that, the walls would have to stay white.. because we're in the middle of possibly moving out of the house we are in... if the Lord brings in a buyer. Meanwhile, I could always accent the room with the colors seen there. The "Precious Moments" 4 piece blanket set was one of the big gifts I received.. that I was actually going to buy if I had not gotten it! But Praise God! I was blessed to have received it from Niki (who goes to my church) & her mom who lives in the states.

(ABOVE PIC): I also received this beautiful "Precious Moments" frame for Kiara! I can't wait to use it!

(ABOVE PIC): This was also a gift I received at the Baby Shower. A "Precious Moments Baby Infant Reversible High Quality Blanket". The one on the left was just a screen shot I got off the internet.. but it shows how soft the other side is. And the one on the right is a picture of the actual one I have. It is the softest  thing ever! And the pattern on it is so adorable!!! I LOVE IT! 

(ABOVE PIC): This is the "Precious Moments" Wall Decals I purchased. I've had it sent to my Mother's house.. and cannot WAIT to get them in the mail so I can decorate with them! I'm hoping she'll have it shipped to me soon! :) lol. There's more I want to purchase though. I just have to be patient! lol.

"CHURCH" - Baby Shower - May 4th, 2014

Well, this here was the Baby Shower that was thrown by the very generous ladies at my Church. I was pretty overwhelmed by the turn-out.. and fell in love with all the delicacies that went into all of their hard work! I felt so blessed to have been cared for by all of them like this... and had such a fabulous time. God is so good!
(ABOVE PIC): Me at 35 weeks pregnant with Kiara Grace!

(ABOVE PIC): My sweet friend Niki organized the party & got me some awesome Precious Moments Decorations all the way from the states!!! You cannot find this theme anywhere in Australia! So for her to go out of her way to do this was such an incredible blessing!

(ABOVE PIC): Inside the party favor boxes were "Pillow Mints" and "Hershey Kisses"!

(ABOVE PIC): Here are more of those beautiful decorations! Precious Moments Napkins! I thought they were so adorably cute!! 

(ABOVE PIC): Here's a sweet "Towel Cake" a few of the ladies helped put together! 
It was one of my favorites because of the verse written on there! 
I thought it was so lovely! 

(ABOVE PIC): Here was the beautiful baby shower cake that was specially
made for me by one of the many talented ladies at our church. I thought it
was so cute! 

(ABOVE PICS): On the left is a close up! And on the right was a slice! 
It was a Mississippi Mud Cake! And BOY was it divine! It was the best
chocolate cake EVER!!! :D

(ABOVE PIC): This is Pricille the Bakerette who made my cake!
Her cake making is incredible! She's so talented!

(ABOVE PIC): Here was some of the set up, decor & gifts set up on the tables.

(ABOVE PIC): Both of these "Diaper Cakes" came out so beautifully! 
They were created by a small hand full of ladies. It must have taken
them ages! But WOW.. what beautiful pieces of work it ended up being!

(ABOVE PIC): Here is a "Towel Cake" on the left along 
with a gift basket for the ladies who won at the games!

(ABOVE PIC): Here were some personal messages written to Kiara, myself & David.

(ABOVE PIC): Ladies mingling! Niki is the one smiling there in the middle. She was the one who took her precious time out to organize this entire thing & open up her home to us for the party. 

(ABOVE PIC): There was such a giant turn-out! So many ladies came! And they were so generous, helpful & thoughtful in all that they did! I was really blown-away & so taken back by all of the love they showered on me for my little Kiara on the way!

(ABOVE PIC): Here is a group shot of the ladies. This wasn't all of them.. cause we sort of took this one a bit late when a few of the ladies had already departed. But we tried! lol.

(ABOVE PIC): Emily & Haylie! Haylie who is on the right was the one who took most of those lovely photos you have seen.. for me. Well, at least the good ones! haha! She blessed me with her photography skills as an additional gift for the Baby Shower. I was so thankful!

(ABOVE PIC): Sue & Beth.. are always such a joy to have around. They are both very creative as mother & daughter. Sue was the one who created an amazing hand-made crotchet blanket for me! I couldn't believe all the precious time she put into it!

(ABOVE PIC): Here are a couple of the ladies playing the 
Baby Food Game. Whoever can eat it the fastest.. wins! 

(ABOVE PIC): A couple more of the ladies in action! 

(ABOVE PIC): They've all just caught out one of the other ladies who lost one of their pins! We played a game throughout the entire party.. where each lady started out with 1 baby pin. And if anyone said the word "Baby" or "Kiara", they'd lose their pin to the one who heard them say it! The girl they're pointing at had about 6 of them.. and was winning.. until this moment! lol.

(ABOVE PIC): Can't forget about the delicious food that was given!
It was so delicious! Every bit of everything I had hit the spot! 


(ABOVE PIC): So refreshing!

(ABOVE PIC): These had to be my most favorite snack! It was a pudding with chocolate mints inside on a pastry! These were so incredible!! I really need the recipe to this! It was like a party in my mouth!

(ABOVE PIC): Here are a few of the gifts I received! 
I was so thankful for every single thing I got for Kiara! 

(ABOVE PIC): This was hand-made by the lovely "Sue" whom 
I mentioned in an earlier pic above. She's the one who taught the 
lady who made the next one below how to do hers as well!

(ABOVE PIC): This was hand-made by "Gitte" (pronounced Gee-tah). 
It was her 1st one.. and she did such an outstanding job.. I had really
thought it was store-bought! :)

(ABOVE PIC): This believe it or not.. was hand-made too! I couldn't believe all 
the talented ladies who put time aside to help make all these things for Kiara! WOW!
This is like a poncho/cover to keep the baby warm! :)

(ABOVE PICS): A few cute little outfits. There were so many more gifts & so many more adorable incredible outfits.. but, I don't have photos of them all sadly. This was just a taste of the many more
things given. Like I said, I was pretty overwhelmed with everything!

 (ABOVE PIC): I was so ecstatic about each item! And so grateful for the generosity that was shown to me on this day. I really never thought I'd receive so many things for my little girl. But so thankful & blessed to have gotten it all. I thank God for all the people who He's placed in my life. 

"FAMILY" - Baby Shower - March 16th 2013

Here are a couple of photos from the "1st Baby Shower" that was thrown for Kiara by, David's side of the family. Margaret (One of David's two sisters), opened up her home to us so that we could have it. 

(ABOVE PIC): Here I am pregnant at 28 weeks with Kiara Grace Stampek!

(ABOVE PICS): Here are a few adorable balloons that were selected for the Baby Shower. And on the right, is one of David's nieces - the lovely, "Christine".. (Milan & Bisi's daughter) who generously organized the party for us. She picked out all the games, colors & theme.. and also purchased all the party favors, snacks, pink lemonade, etc. She did a great job & out of everyone she is looking forward to meeting her little niece the most! lol.

(ABOVE PIC): Normally there are no men at Baby Showers.. but this was a special case, due to it being more of a "FAMILY" get-to-gether. But the boys (David & Bronko Stampek, Glen & Laurie Solomon) had fun watching movies & kicking back in one of the other rooms.

(ABOVE PIC): Here are a few of the family members that got there earlier.
[Back Row]: Sarah, Margaret (Sarah's Mum/David's sister), Jessica & Teta Veronka (David's Aunt)
[Front Row]: Christine, Marija (David's Mum), Myself, Bisi (Christine's Mum/David's oldest sister)

(ABOVE PIC): Here is the majority of ladies who came! A few had left by this point. But we tried getting in as many people as possible!
[Back Row]: Bisi, Rachel, Katherine holding Lilly, Laurie & Pat, Margaret, Marie-anne, Hannah, Crystal holding Aaliyah.
[Middle Row]: Britney, a Friend, Kirsten holding Noah, Marija (David's Mum), David, Christine, Tahlia
[Front Row]: Leilani & Myself

(ABOVE PIC): Me & David holding up some adorable items given to us by his older brother, "Branko" & family.

(ABOVE PIC): Branko, Britney, Marie-anne
Me & David.

(ABOVE PIC): Here is the set up & some of the decorations for the party! :)

(ABOVE PIC): Here are some of the snacks & american candies that were given to everyone to take home.
All in all, we had a great time! There were more photos taken.. but for the sake of time & space, I thought to post these cause they were the best. We enjoyed the lovely time we got to spend with David's family for Kiara. And we'll treasure that day, for we were quite blessed!